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Back Brace


RiptGear® Back Braces can help support your back and alleviate pain in the areas that hurt. We designed our braces to be comfortable and easy-to-wear yet still provide total support. Whether your back is strained from overuse or you’ve become injured, a RiptGear® back brace can help you get through your day.

STYLE: Unisex

Suitable for Waist Size(s):
(Measurements in Inches)

Small: 23 in to 27 in
Medium: 28 in to 31 in
Large: 32 in to 35 in
XLarge: 36 in to 39 in
2X Large: 40 in to 43 in
3X Large: 44 in to 47 in

Important: Measure around your BELLY BUTTON area for a perfect fit.

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Back Brace

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We Love Our Customers!

I am 58 and while playing a tennis match, I started feeling pain in my elbow. The pain got worse as time went and after the game. I ordered the Tennis Elbow Compression Brace, and wore it while playing, hoping for a miracle. And the miracle did happen! I can’t thank you enough for the product.

Rama V. / Tampa, FL

Hands down best Knee Sleeve for working out ever!!! Flexible & comfortable and doesn’t pull out any hair. Plus, it looks good when I’m wearing it at the gym.

Jim F. / San Diego, CA

This Forearm Elbow strap is amazing! I’ve had a cortisone shot w no relief, and while I realize this isn’t the cure, I can at least do the normal things, like opening a jar, with my dominant hand. 

Kelly C. / Unknown

I love this Cooling Towel!!! It’s so soft and simple to use! The colors are very bright and it stays cold for hours. All my friends at yoga want one. Excellent job guys and AWESOME customer service!

Emily M. / Richmond, VA

I’ve been suffering from severe knee pain and I tried to different braces with very little relief. They would slip after they have been on a while. I bought this Knee Brace and it was great! Instant relief!!!

Jeannie / Unknown

This Back Brace is amazing. I love that I can customize the compression super easily! It’s a total game changer for me as I can move around without pain and get back to work. THANKS!

John G. / Pittsburgh, PA

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