RiptGear Apparel

RiptGear is a USA based company out of Virginia. RiptGear products are designed with the active person in mind and we have been designing and distributing industry leading products since 2015.

Whether you are using RiptGear for sports or fashion, we’ve made sure they’ll stand the test of time and compliment your body even through the toughest workout. Our non-slip products will stay in place and be comfortable all-day long.

At RiptGear we take pride in helping our customers prevent injuries and help the unfortunate ones to rehabilitate existing injuries. RiptGear has always provided a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products we manufacture and distribute. We are always available if you have any questions. 

We Love Our Customers!

Hands down best knee sleeve for working out ever!!! Flexible & comfortable and doesn’t pull out any hair. Plus it looks good when I’m wearing it at the gym.

– Jim F., San Diego, CA

This headband is super soft and really absorbing. It never felt tight on my head – and it’s cute!.

– Rebecca M., Pittsburgh, PA

I love this headband!!! It’s so soft and stretchy! The colors are very pretty and the pattern I chose is adorable. Excellent job guys. Thanks…

– Emily M., Richmond, VA

Your Plantar Fasciits Compression Socks really help me during my run. Great to sleep in too. I just bought  few extra pairs.  

– Cheryl R., Dallas, TX

Comfortable. Stylish. Durable.

RiptGear products are used by trainers and athletes around the globe. Our products have been designed to withstand the most vigorous workouts while maintaining a level of comfortability, discretion, and style.

All day comfort and durability are our top priorities.

Our products have been reviewed and featured on so many websites. Most importantly they have been chosen as Amazon’s Choice products and have won the “Top Choice” award from Consumer Reporting.

Knee Sleeves for Running

RiptGear Knee braces are often worn for a variety of reasons whether it be generalized pain or specific pain such as a dislocated patella, or a sore knee due to osteoarthritis, or sports-related knee pain. No matter what the cause, our RiptGear knee braces have been designed to offer high stability to the knee by simply and comfortably supporting it. Typically, after knee surgeries such as a meniscus repair or ACL repair, it is advised to wear a knee brace to keep the joint stabilized and supported.

RiptGear knee braces can also be comfortably worn by individuals who run or jog frequently and want to protect their knees. Because knee braces are worn for a variety of reasons, it is important to wear one that is functional, yet comfortable.  RiptGear can be worn protectively for contact sports, functionally for those who have a knee injury, and even worn to aid in rehabilitation after surgery.

Workout Headbands

RiptGear Headbands are not only worn for aesthetic reasons but in fact, they are designed to serve an important purpose. RiptGear headbands are designed to be worn on the forehead to prevent hair from getting in your eyes while you’re working out. They are also designed to be non-slip, so they stay in place and do their job during your workout or yoga practice. It’s one of our most popular features!

RiptGear headbands are the preferred headband of those who lead an active lifestyle. Our headbands are also convenient because they eliminate the need for a towel because of their sweat-wicking abilities which keeps your hands free. Each headband is made out of a comfortable, sweat-wicking fabric that you can wear all day long without any irritation. 

Wearing our headbands during yoga practice, allows you to concentrate more on your body and mind without having to worry about loose or stray hair interrupting your focus. The attractive designs and great functionality of our headbands make them a favorite among many athletes as well as those who lead an active lifestyle.

Plantar Fasciitis Support Socks

RiptGear Plantar Fasciitis Socks are a helpful way to combat foot pain. Our socks fit snugly, yet comfortably, and offer extra pressure and support around your foot to help ease any pain. Our socks are designed with you in mind. They’re just the right balance of support without restricting movement.  We’ve also designed them to be thin enough to fit into almost any shoe comfortably. It is important to find a compression sock that is breathable and made with anti-odor fabric, and we’ve done that too.  Our socks are designed for all-day comfort.

Plantar Fasciitis is a condition that is characterized by foot pain in your heel or bottom of your foot. Those who suffer from plantar fasciitis may experience pain when they first wake up or while walking after long durations of rest. Typically, the pain shows itself through sharp, shooting heel pain, or pain in the lower part of the foot.

Typically, after wearing plantar fasciitis socks, wearers should start to feel pain relief within a week. However, it is very important to continue to wear them consistently in order to fully recover from pain.

Posture Correctors for Back Pain

RiptGear Posture Correctors are designed for individuals who have either suffered injuries or who want to protect themselves from injury.  Our posture corrector works amazingly well to alleviate pain in the area that hurts. We’ve designed them to be comfortable, yet strong and supportive.  The material won’t itch or tug and you’ll be comfortable wearing it all day long.

Additionally, our posture correctors are designed to help people who do a lot of driving or who sit at their desk for extended periods of time. Either way, if this describes your day, a RiptGear posture corrector can help align your muscles and alleviate your pain.

A posture corrector can be worn for many reasons, but its main purpose is to protect and correct your back, shoulder, and neck muscles.  Posture correctors can also help relieve pressure from building up around your spine. If you are looking for a posture corrector and not sure what exactly you need, you may want to consider correctors designed for overall support such as our RiptGear Posture Corrector.

Ankle Braces

RiptGear Ankle Braces main purpose is to help with injured and sprained ankles. 

Sleep Masks

RiptGear Sleep Masks are worn over your eyes to help induce sleep and relaxation, an important key to working out and staying healthy and energized. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, then a sleep mask can help you by creating the darkness your body desires during sleep.

Our RiptGear sleep masks are purposefully designed with a contoured shape which helps block out the maximum amount of light. They are also designed to be adjustable which helps them to properly fit all face shapes and sizes. Individuals who work at night and sleep during the day benefit greatly from a well-fitting sleep mask. Early sleepers who go to bed before it is dark outside can also benefit from using a sleep mask.

Our RiptGear sleep masks are designed with you in mind and are designed to bring comfort at a great price. Purchasing a sleep mask that fits comfortably around your eyes with a thin, comfortable strap is a must. We were also sure to design our masks to protect your face from the wrinkles that often occur when your face presses against your pillows or blankets.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

RiptGear products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your not satisfied for any reason we will issue you a full return no questions asked. That’s how much we believe in our products and care about our customers. 

All of our products are sold exclusively on Amazon.  Browse our RiptGear Catalog or go directly to Amazon to get more information on products and read customer reviews.