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Winter Workout Clothes: Stay Warm During Cold Workouts

Winter Workout Clothes

Staying active, whether indoors or outdoors, is possible all year long…as long as you wear the proper clothing. During the winter months, heading outside for a hike or biking through a snowy trail makes for a great way to beat the winter blues. If you are wondering, how can I stay dry and warm while burning calories in cold weather? You have come to the right place. We have put together a comprehensive guide on how to stay warm during winter workouts.

1. Long Sleeve Shirt

You can never have too many long sleeve shirts. Before heading outdoors, be sure to layer two or more of your long sleeve shirts. The reason that these are an ideal garment is that they can easily be removed if your body temperature becomes too warm. The thing to remember about staying active outdoors during winter is that it is easier to remove articles of clothing rather than not have enough to wear when you are cold. Thin, long sleeve shirts are also simple to store, as they do not take up much room in a drawer or closet.

2. Down Vest

Vests will easily become your number one piece of winter workout gear. Vests, particularly down vests, trap body heat and keep you warm no matter how thin your t-shirt. Vests pair perfectly with long sleeve shirts, and you can stay comfortable in them whether you are snowshoeing, walking, or jogging in cold conditions. Down vests, which are typically filled with goose feathers, make a great non-bulky winter wardrobe essential.

3. Thermal Tights

Thermal tights can be worn under yoga pants, ski or snowboarding pants, and even leggings. These special tights are designed to keep in body heat while keeping your legs dry and comfortable. The great thing about wearing thermal tights under another pair of pants is you can easily remove them if you find yourself becoming too warm.

4. Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are not only a thing of the ’70s, but they are also now a thing of winter wardrobes. You can easily pair leg warmers with a pair of tights or yoga pants, as you head out the door for a winter stroll. Additionally, they look great with almost any pair of snow boots or ankle boots. If you find your legs become too hot with them on, simply roll them down to create ankle socks.

5. Tech-Compatible Gloves

Investing in a pair of tech-compatible gloves will make your winter workout much easier. Have you ever received a phone call during a freezing cold run or while you are busy hiking through snowy trails, only to have to pull your gloves off to answer? Well, now you can keep your gloves on and hands warm while you answer a phone call with your tech-compatible gloves. These will easily become your new best friend. Tech-compatible gloves enable phones to pick-up your fingerprints even under a layer of protection.

6. Fleece Headbands

There is nothing worse than trekking through a chilling winter wind that leaves your head feeling like an ice cube. A fleece headband can instantly make your workout that much more enjoyable during the cold months. Ensure that the headband sits comfortably but also snug around your head and ears to keep heat in.

7. Workout Jacket

While a parka is an ideal winter jacket, it is not an ideal workout jacket. Exercising during the winter months requires a jacket that is lightweight but also keeps warm air trapped. The reason why you want one that is not bulky is so if you need to tie it around your waist, it will not weigh you down or fall off. You may want to consider a windbreaker that you can layer long sleeve shirts underneath, or a light, fleece jacket.

Be sure to consider these winter workout clothes so you can stay warm during cold workouts. The key takeaway from this is to invest in a few staple items that you can dress up or down as necessary. Don’t let flurries, frost, or freezing rain stop you from being active – gear up with these garments and show winter who is boss.