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What Are the Advantages of Compression Fabric

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Compression fabric is a material that fits snuggly around parts of the body to improve blood flow. Some of the most common areas that they’re worn on include feet, knees, hips, arms and legs. For example, compression socks can help prevent muscle soreness. Shorts provide padded areas around the joints that surround the glutes and upper portion of the leg area, and knee sleeves help alleviate knee pain from arthritis and overused knee joints.

The advantages of compression fabric are numerous. Mainly they help by delivering an increase of oxygen to the muscles being worked while reducing blood lactate levels. For athletes, or those who are highly athletic, this results in faster recovery time and greater power output. The fabric is available in a variety of colors and doesn’t cost a lot. Below is a collection of some of the benefits of wearing this special type of material.

Water Absorption

Do you sweat a lot? Maybe you’ve seen pictures of athletes training at the gym completely soaked from a strenuous workout? In either case, everyone knows it is definitely not attractive to be covered in wet fabric. Unlike traditional cotton, compression fabric is designed with water-wicking technology that keeps the wearer from getting drenched in sweaty clothing, keeping you looking your best at all times.

No More Chaffing

Loose-fitting shorts don’t bother most people. However, if exercising to lose weight, one may experience chaffing. With compression fabric there is no chaffing because the material is form-fitting. This keeps each of your workout sessions painless and you get to keep your dignity fully intact.

Increased Exertion

There is some debate on the effectiveness of compression fabric and the increased output of athletic performance. Some say compression fabric shows promise while others claim it is simply a placebo effect (where you think something is real, but nothing has changed). Many athletes claim that compression fabric has improved their levels of exertion from wearing it. While the debate rages on, one thing is for certain; those that do wear the specialized garments seem to perform better.

Benefits of Compression Fabric

Improved Recovery Time

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from improved recovery times in between workout periods. While the naysayers claim the effectiveness of compression fabric is all in one’s head, there is now scientific data that supports evidence that compression fabrics do decrease recovery time (and dramatically too).

The type of garment you wear will determine its level of effectiveness. Compression socks received the highest praise followed by compression knee sleeves.

Increased Stability

One thing compression fabric does offer that is not open for debate is that it offers support in the groin area. This is mainly because the material is form-fitting. For male athletes, compression shorts designs are available with cup pockets. For females, the shorts feel like a hybrid between a girdle and bicycle shorts. Both men and women will appreciate the softness of the material. Compression fabric moves with the body, not against it.

Rebuilds Muscles Quickly

During your improved recovery period that you will experience with compression fabric use, the muscles in your body heal faster. By decreasing muscle fatigue and increasing blood pressure, you can hit the gym more frequently. Compression fabric also eases swelling.