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How to Build the Perfect Workout Wardrobe

Perfect Workout Wardrobe

In order to complete a successful workout every time, the proper attire must be worn. In fact, what you wear during a sweat session has the power to make or break how well you perform. Let’s take a look at some important considerations you should think about regarding how to build the perfect workout wardrobe.

1. Consider the Season

Your summer workout gear may not be ideal in the winter, depending on where area you reside. Ensuring your clothes are season-appropriate is a must. Summer workout clothes may consist of tank-tops or shorts, while winter workout clothes may consist of layered t-shirts and full-length yoga-style pants. Always consider the elements before leaving the house.

2. Practicality

Practicality is key. Ask yourself: can I stretch and move comfortably in it? Is the material breathable? Will I be able to perform my exercise routines in it? The perfect workout wardrobe consists of clothes that fit like a second skin. This means the material is flexible, lightweight, and breathable.

3. Consider the Material

If you are someone who sweats a lot, you definitely need to consider the material of your workout clothes. For individuals who perspire heavily, moisture-wicking clothes are ideal. Additionally, lighter color clothing shows sweat more, if this is of concern to you; black is a great color option to hide sweat marks.

4. Choose Clothes Tailored to Your Regime

Yogis require different workout clothes than weightlifters. Depending on your main activity of choice, be sure to have appropriate attire. If you attend yoga every day, consider investing in good quality yoga pants that are stretchy as well as tank-tops or other loose clothing. If you live for weightlifting, consider purchasing supportive shoes and clothes that allow you to bend and extend with ease.

5. Invest in Headbands and Hats

Headbands are perfect for all levels of exercise. Whether you enjoy jogging or Pilates, headbands not only keep hair out of your eyes but also pesky sweat. You can find cute headbands that match your outfit or make a statement piece. When it comes to hats, these are perfect for hiding early morning bedhead or keeping sweat off your face.

6. Sports Bras

For the ladies out there, nothing is worse than working out without full support. For you to push yourself and get the most out of your workout, it is important to find the right sports bra. Look for styles that are breathable, appropriate for your cup size, and are comfortable.

7. Take Care of Your Feet

Comfortable socks and shoes are a workout game changer. If your feet hurt and you can feel a blister forming with every skip, jump, and hop, then you need to reconsider what you’re wearing on your feet. Nylon and moisture-wicking socks are ideal, as they allow sweat to escape and your feet to breathe; cotton material can be quite suffocating. For shoes, select a lightweight style that does not weigh your feet down – this is especially important for runners.

Additionally, shoes that offer a little bounce to each step are an added bonus. On a side note, it is always important to wear socks during exercise. The reason is that you may be setting yourself to develop Athlete’s Foot if you don’t.

8. Choose Clothes You Love

Forcing yourself to wear something you do not love will only result in a mediocre workout. For example, if you purchase pants that do not fit you properly or a tank-top that is too loose, these pieces of clothing will only become a nuisance during exercise. Instead, find workout clothes that you feel good in, despite what others may think. If that old, high school T-shirt paired with stretchy leggings makes you feel ready to conquer squats or a 5K, then rock them!

Putting together the perfect workout wardrobe does not have to be challenging. Selecting a few key items that you can depend on to get in a solid workout is all you need to do. Taking time to find the right pieces of gear before heading out the door for a workout will set you up for a successful sweat session each time.