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Do Arthritis Gloves Help with Pain and Swelling

Working with Arthritis Gloves

If you are like most arthritis sufferers, you know the pain and misery that can be associated with the condition. It affects millions of people worldwide. Persistent swelling and throbbing make it difficult to do even the simplest tasks. From struggling to opening jars, to unintentionally dropping items, to needing frequent sessions of ice pack treatments; the condition is only made worse when faced with having to perform repetitive motions. This is especially true when it affects your hands and wrists.

So, what happens when your suffering extends beyond the relief pain killers can offer? For some it’s the risk of organ damage in trade for relief from some or all of the pain. However, this is only temporary. Pain relievers work, but as your arthritis becomes worse, more medicine is needed and eventually shots may be required to keep your mobility at normal levels.

Luckily, there may be a solution to help reduce pain and swelling. And, you won’t have to sacrifice the health of your organs or take painful shots in sensitive areas. Arthritis gloves can provide pain relief so you can live every day just like everyone else.

Why Arthritis Gloves Work

Arthritis gloves can help you find relief. They are specially designed with a compression-fit technology to aid in the reduction of swelling. This, in turn, eases the stiffness associated with both inflammatory and osteoarthritis. The gloves work by keeping your hands warm and improve your circulation. This is especially vital when experiencing a flare-up of symptoms. By reducing your swelling you can keep doing what you love without the frequent interruptions associated with the stabbing pain of arthritis.

Although the science doesn’t always back it, many users of arthritic gloves claim the relief provided is justification enough. They can be worn as needed or even every day for additional support of daily activities. Wear them at work for relief in data entry or on the tennis court with friends. You can even slip them on and wear them at night. 

Choosing Arthritis Gloves

The biggest issue in making arthritis gloves the effective is the fit. Each individual has a different level of pain and a different sized hand and wrist. For a good compression fit you do not want the gloves to be too loose. A loose fit will deprive you of the benefits the gloves have to offer. If the fit is too tight you may actually run the risk of cutting off circulation and causing further discomfort. 

Another issue you may face wearing these gloves is the time of day you need to wear them. For example, if you require them on during the day hours you may run into the daily irritation of having to remove them frequently to wash your hands. If you need to wear them at night and you do not have the proper fit they could slip off in bed or become tight and disrupt your sleep. 

Investing in Arthritis Gloves

Have you been deciding whether or not to invest in arthritis gloves? Science may be inconclusive, but the reviews suggest something is working with the product. Determining whether the effects are idiopathic or not seems to be a personal choice at this point, but one thing is for certain; people are feeling better by wearing these gloves. They are getting their independence back.

You can have your independence back too. The prices are reasonable and the gloves are available through a variety of retailers. Users everywhere swear by them. The real question you should be asking yourself is, what would you be willing to pay to get the relief you deserve? For many the answer is simple. A small investment is worth the chance of some relief.