10 Items Guaranteed to Keep You Cool during Your Workout

10 Items Guaranteed to Keep You Cool during Your Workout

Staying cool during your workout can be difficult during the scorching dog days of summer or inside a stuffy gym. While it is not possible to control Mother Nature, it is possible to control staying cool. Luckily, we have put together an essential guide on the ten items guaranteed to keep you cool during your workout.

1. Insulated Water Bottle

Insulated water bottles keep cold water cold anywhere from 12-24 hours. This means, staying hydrated with a cold bottle on hand will refresh you with each sip. You will be amazed at how powerful a sip of cold water can be on the body.

2. Cooling Vests

Cooling vests are ideal for runners or hikers who love to spend time in the sun but need help staying cool. Some cooling vests come with cooling packs on the inside, while others need to be soaked in cool water in order to retain a chill temperature. Because these vests come in a variety of sizes, materials, and design, it is important to carefully consider each one before selecting one to purchase.

3. A Towel

A good old towel can be used to keep cool during workouts. While any towel will work to dry hot sweat off your face and body, chilling the towel in a fridge before you use it is a game changer. While this only works if you have access to a fridge where you exercise, it is highly recommended. A cold towel can instantly bring down your body temperature and offer relief from an intense sweat session.

4. Breathable T-Shirt

Shirts that are too tight or made out of cotton material will only trap heat inside. Therefore, choose breathable, moisture-wicking T-shirts that allow air to flow through. Because the upper body retains a lot of heat during exercise, it is important to let it breathe.

5. Hydration Backpack

Imagine being able to take a hands-free sip of refreshing water during a hike or trail walk? Well, you can do this with a hydration backpack. These nifty backpacks run a little on the expensive side but are worth the small investment if you will use it regularly. The backpacks are lined with a bag that stores the water, and you can sip from a convenient spout-like stray that comes out the top. Hydration backpacks eliminate the need to pack around heavy water bottles.

6. Personal-Fan

If you have the luxury of having an at-home gym or are able to work out in a small area of the gym by yourself, you may want to consider buying a personal-size fan. They are perfectly sized and generate a nice amount of cool air. Additionally, you can easily put a mini fan in your gym bag to take with.

7. Gel Packs

Gel packs are convenient ways to cool off instantly. They can be applied anywhere and can be purchased inexpensively. Gel packs are also ideal to use after an intense workout that leaves muscles feeling sore, as they offer soothing relief.

8. Cooling Wristbands

Lightweight and effective at lowering the temperature of not only the wrists but the entire body, cooling wristbands are a gadget to have in your gym bag. They simply wrap around the wrist as tight or loose as you prefer, although the snugger, the better. Typically, cooling wristbands last anywhere from 3-5 hours.

9. Portable Mister

This handy little gadget conveniently mists the face or body with a cool mist. It is lightweight and packs easily in a gym bag or purse so you can pull it out during or after your workout. Most portable misters are silent, so you do not have to worry about it drawing attention at a busy gym.

10. Cooling Jewelry

Do you like making a statement while exercising? While this may not be something you want to do jumping jacks in, there are cooling necklaces on the market that are refreshingly cool. The jewelry feels like ice cubes around the neck, and it is perfect for hikers or walkers.

Staying cool during your workout is guaranteed with any of these ten gadgets. It is important to always consider the type of exercise you enjoy partaking in and your budget before deciding on any cooling item.