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Perfect Amount of Knee Compression & Flexibility

RiptGear® knee sleeves can be used to support a wide range of knee pain, arthritic pain, and preventive care.

Do you feel pain or an unsteady feeling when you walk? Do you suffer from arthritis? Or, are you someone looking for support during your workout routine? Try a RiptGear knee sleeve and you’ll find comfort again.

We offer an amazingly comfortable product and sizes to fit everyone.

  • Relief Caused by Arthritis or Meniscus Tears
  • Alleviate Runners and Jumpers Knee
  • Comfortable Compression and Support
  • Flexible Non-Slip Design

Knee Support Brace

Compression Knee Brace

RiptGear® compression brace helps secure and redistribute weight so that an injured knee can heal quickly. Common injuries can include a twisted knee, ligament injuries, and incorrect ankle to knee alignment. Our RiptGear® knee support braces are ideal for all of these pain-inducing ailments as well as arthritic pain.

Generalized knee pain can have many different sources. These can include anything from tendonitis of the knee, runner’s knee, knee dislocation, or even bursitis, and these are only a few of the many sources.

RiptGear® knee braces are designed to handle all of these types of knee pain.  We designed our compression material to be both supportive and comfortable. Along with rest, ice, compression, and elevation, our knee sleeves will help restore your knee and eliminate pain.

We Love Our Customers!

Hands down best knee sleeve for working out ever!!! Flexible & comfortable and doesn’t pull out any hair. Plus it looks good when I’m wearing it at the gym.

– Jim F., San Diego, CA

This headband is super soft and really absorbing. It never felt tight on my head – and it’s cute!.

– Rebecca M., Pittsburgh, PA

I love this headband!!! It’s so soft and stretchy! The colors are very pretty and the pattern I chose is adorable. Excellent job guys. Thanks…

– Emily M., Richmond, VA

Your Plantar Fasciits Compression Socks really help me during my run. Great to sleep in too. I just bought  few extra pairs.  

– Cheryl R., Dallas, TX

These knee sleeves are a perfect solution arthritis, osteoporosis, tendonitis, and sports related injuries.

Perfect Compression that Fits!

Most knee sleeves are designed to be a “one size fits most.” However, we at RiptGear®, designed our knee sleeves to come in four sizes so that every customer can find a good fit.

They slip on easily beneath your clothing to give you the satisfaction of support while still being discreet.

As an added bonus, they are even machine-washable!

Designed for Maximum Support

Our sleeves are constructed of a strong, yet breathable, nylon with a bit of added spandex and rubber to give stretch and comfort.

They help provide stability and maximum support for weak or injured knees and joints.

Our sleeves are perfect for all sports activities that involve stress on the knee joints. 

Compression That Helps Reduce Pain

We designed our braces to offer the proper amount of compression.

Through our testing, we found that consistent and gradual compression is the best way to alleviate discomfort and to prevent injuries.

Consistent, gentle compression is best and can help reduce muscle and tissue inflammation brought on by overuse, fatigue, and injury.

Our flexible compression support sleeve is the best performing sleeve for those engaged in sports or activities that require repetitive knee motions.

Knee Brace for Running

Best Knee Sleeves

If you are searching for something that moves with you while still performing well, you will want to pick a knee sleeve that is supportive yet allows you a full range of movement. RiptGear® supportive knee braces are designed specifically to support the knee in an effort to alleviate the pain that is commonly associated with jumpers’ knee, runners’ knee and generic knee pain.

Our knee sleeves can be worn beneath your clothing for a comfortable fit that is barely noticeable. The design is easy to pull on and can be worn when participating in a variety of sports and activities. RiptGear has you covered!

Knee Braces for Arthritis

Knee Brace for Osteoarthritis

Suffering from arthritis in your knee? A compression fit brace might be just the solution.

Our RiptGear® braces are ideal for chronic knee pain from arthritis because they take the weight off your knee and redistribute it so that you can feel stronger, regain confidence, and return to activity. However, these knee braces are not just designed for the physically active.

Even if you do not participate in physical activity and only need something designed for simple day to day activities, a RiptGear® compression-fit brace is still a perfect solution. Retrain your muscles to be strong.

They slip on easily beneath your clothing to give you the satisfaction of support while still being discreet.  As an added bonus, they are even machine-washable!

Maintain pain-free mobility by investing in a quality RiptGear knee brace. You’ll soon start seeing a difference.

Knee Compression Sleeve – Sizes and Instructions

Recommended Size Chart

Size Chart (inches):

IMPORTANT! Measure 4 inches above kneecap to make sure you order the correct size

  • Small: 14.5” – 15”
  • Medium: 15.5” – 17”
  • Large: 17.5” – 20”
  • XLarge: 20.5″ – 22″

Measure 4 inches above kneecap to make sure you order the correct size 


At RiptGear® we are always finding ways to protect and heal athletes. Our adjustable compression waterproof ankle brace can help heal re-occurring injuries and prevent ones from happening. 

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